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Monday, January 23, 2012

Nikon D3x Best Buy & Review Specs.

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Overviews : Nikon D3x Best Price

The Nikon D3x is the company’s latest high-end SLR, designed for studio use. This model costs $7999 without lens, and weighs a massive 43 oz (1.2kg), as it’s meant to spend most of its life on a tripod rather than carried around your neck. The D3x is 6.3 inches wide by 6.2 inches high and 3.4 inches deep (159.5 x 157 x 87.5mm), and is distinguishable at a glance from most other SLRs by the additional controls that allow the camera to be held sidewise for easy shooting in portrait orientation. The substantial weight of the body is partly due to its large size, but also the internal magnesium frame, which helps give the Nikon D3x its extreme toughness.

The Nikon D3x viewfinder offers 100% field of view, a rarity among SLR cameras, which means that what you see through it is exactly what will be recorded in the image. It also has three LCD screens, one monochrome on the top, another monochrome on the back and a handsome color LCD with a high 920,000-dot resolution. The color screen is used mostly for navigating menus and playing back images, while the black and white screens display shooting information.

The Nikon D3x takes advantage of its extra size to make almost every button have only one function, which means you won’t be fumbling over different controls with different dials in different camera modes. The Nikon D3x can take two Compact Flash cards at a time, which provides a huge shooting capacity. There’s also the option to have photos instantly backed up from one card to the other, a great peace-of-mind feature for mission-critical jobs like wedding photography. And speaking of peace of mind, the battery is rated at an impressive 4400 shots, so you’re unlikely to run out of juice in mid-shoot.

This camera is designed to provide an extraordinary level of control over settings. The idea being, if you’re in a studio environment, you can set the camera up to ideally suit that situation and not have to tweak settings on the fly, but rather focus solely on taking photographs. The settings for both shooting options and custom options can be stored in five memory banks each, making it easy to load all your favorite settings for particular shooting situations in an instant. The meticulous fine-tuning options provided here are truly impressive, from bracketing settings to autofocus modes, button functions, color modes -- it feels like every possible feature of the camera can be customized.

"Nikon D3X 24.5MP FX CMOS Digital SLR with 3.0-Inch LCD (Body Only)"

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